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Do you live in a lazy state?

Top Earning Actors..

Which film is the most popular?


Talk about "mixing" things up..

Make your purchases on Twitter..

$140 to $37,000....

Drunken Priest was pulled...

Office Kitchen

Office Kitchens Are Very Dirty

Don't Tease Him

Don't Tease Him About Certain Things

Junk Food

5 Second Rule

Every Rose Tells A Story

Every Rose Tells A Story

Road Rage

How Music Influences Your Driving

Coffee on a decline...

Dining Out

More Americans Dining Out!

More parking??

job seekers
Skills Applicants Lack!
First Date Tips

First Date Tips!

Clown spooks Staten Island...

Is math that tough?

Spring lineup for DTA...

Video Games

Jobs Better Than Yours!

New app allows you to avoid...

Me Time

Genius Ways For ME Time!

Energy drinks gone bad...

Insane Ballpark Foods

Insane Ballpark Foods!

Another GM recall...

Millennials not rushing? For what..

Love At First Sight

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

Crazy Tax Write Offs

Crazy Tax Write-Offs

TV at its finest...

Identical Twins Reunited!

Women Mature Before Men

Women Mature Before Men

Knee problems?

Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler Alert: Grey's Anatomy

Turning water into wine?

Best Bacon

Best Supermarket Bacon

Bacon wake up call??


Kid Suspendeed For Mohawk

Boost Your Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism

Most expensive cities..

Scarlett Johansson is pregnant?

Breakup Excuses

Best/Worst Breakup Excuses

Body Piercings

Piercings He Thinks Are Hot


Things People Consider Cheating

Do you have any superstitions?

A self-destruct cellphone...

Best Birthday Ever

Best Birthday Present Ever!

Top car picks for 2014.

More Time For Breakfast?

Bad Habits

5 Habits People Want To Break

Spelling Bee ends in a TIE?

Tricks To Staying Slim

Staying Slim While Eating Out

Dating A Divorcee?

Pros & Cons of Dating a Divorcee

Flying cars coming soon?

What His Beard Says

What His Beard Says

Facebook's latest app...

Show Him You're Interested

Show Him You're Interested

HUMP DAY came a little late for some..

Married Women vs. Married Men

Advice HS Students Need

Advice HS Students Need

Romance Secrets Revealed

Romance Secrets Revealed

Don't Answer That!

Don't Answer That!

Daddy Cowell?

Most Popular Language

Most Popular Language

Drake Bell files for...

She's going LIVE.

Bruno Mars

Bruno & Ellen Prank A Nurse

Bruce Jenner A Plastic Surgery Addict!

Bruce Addicted To Plastic Surgery

No more missed deliveries...

Are Women Better Than Men?

Are Women Better Than Men?

Top 5 Bad But Good Foods

Top 5 Bad Foods That Are Actually Good For You

large weight loss

Biggest Loser lose too much?

This might be hard to swallow..

Walker's $25 million estate...

Louisiana ranks number....

Elementary school trashes lunch?

Do you make the best spouse?

What's your favorite color?

Tulane college students...

It's a....

CLICK HERE for closures.

Rehab for Bieber?

New changes for Idol??

Human food is actually good for...

A tribute to The Beatles??

Is she really checking in??

Next year's schedule...

The worst movies of 2013...

Most downloaded app is...

Top Trending Videos of the Year..

The most overpaid actor is...

See the full list...

The most common name is...

Leaving $5,000 tips....

The most annoying celebrity is...

Could she be it??

Blockbuster seeing items on...

Man wants to meet all....

Campers are starting to....

Bag of money found...

Kelly Clarkson tweeted yesterday.....

Nick Cannon Impostor...

Vermilionville wants to help you...

Big changes are coming...

Could there be a reunion?

Top 13 Southern Sayings...

Kayne proposes..

Who caught the tater?

Hudpseth is in the Top 10....

Divorce or seperation?

Cowell gets TP'd...

Eminem's Royal Daughter...

Gunshots heard..

Are you ready for a challenge...

Cold weather making landfall..

How far is too far?

Crazy fan goes too far...

The latest suspect is...

Twerk fail for Miley...

Cast has been announced...

What's next for Louisiana?

Who made the cut?

The new judges are..

According to Area Development...

New Iberia is getting some credit...

"Famous Jett Jackson dead at 29.."

UL student went missing while...

The Bachelor star dead...

After weeks of voting....

After months of speculations...

Lindsay Lohan may stay in...

Kidd Kraddick was one of a kind....




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